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August 23, 2015

Tuffluv - Loose Ends



Bound to be easier than the vampires, right?


The colony of Tuffluv, right on the edge of the Land of the Damned, still needs a lot of work to survive.  We start off on the trail of a Manticore, but suddenly remember that we left three horrid, horrid beasties we encountered last year alive.

Probably should do something about that.

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August 15, 2015

Robotech - Khyron

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He's so punchable.


Khyron was a personal nemesis for the Killbunny squadron.  After all, his forces on Mars took Killbunny Squad to task, killing several notable pilots in the assault.  Of the team, only two survived, and Commander Nakamea refused to let the death of her best friend, Toph, be forgotten, and set Khyron in her sights...

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This one requires a lot of backstory that wasn't logged...

The New Warriors became the defacto superhero team in Century Station after the Centurions were destroyed. While the team had not the invulnerable powerhouses that the Centurions did, they attempt to fill the shoes of those the city needs the most, all while dealing with the city's own political issues, such as the team's initial creation by S.C.R.E.T.


This particular game was recorded near the end of a massively long story for the team, how they twice broke the rules of time by going back in time to stop events from happening. One lead to a robot uprising by the Legion Ex Machina, the other involved a war against an Old One that dwelled in the planet.  The timestream was needed to be fixed, and only the last few members of the dwindling team were up to deal with it...

(Our games usually arent nearly this level of cosmic risk)

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We were worried you were having too much fun out there...


Tuffluv is the name of a colony set in Palladium Fantasy, in an area just north of the Shadow Coast.  It is probably the most ill-concieved area to start a colony, especially one still loyal to Byzantium, in this heated time frame.  Beset by the wilderness as much as political strife and the Land of the Damned, it is clear that the Hinterlands don't want them there.

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