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Class is back in session.

The Survivors are seeing the end of their Spring Break, and curiosity will lead them into doing something far too daring, far too dangerous for a bunch of 14 year olds.

Nate - Alter Limbs, Enlarge Objects, Targetting, Heightened Sense of balance - Traumatized by recent events, Nate has come to see the danger inherent in power.

Paige - Bonded Hero- A new girl with ADD that's as talkative enough that it may be one of her own powers. Claims to be a sidekick for a hero called Teen Titan.

Hendrix - Force Constructs/Psionics - Nobody knows anything about this extraordinary quiet kid, Nobody knows how he just shows up without being noticed. He's just there.

Wade - Super Energy Expulson: Plasma - Having leveled a set of trees, and horribly burning two people, Wade must now find a way to cope with what he's done.

Devon - Natural Genius - Thinking utterly rationally even in the most dire situation, Devon finds himself disconnected from his team as they struggle to deal with the trauma. Also "Being smart isn't a power!"

Ben - APS Air, Vortex - the only experienced member of this team finds himself wistfully wishing for his time in Japan.


Unfortunately part of this AP was cut off early, we apologize for this error.

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April 19, 2016

Tuffluv - Hail Fire


Quaint, homey, and filled with enough dangerous wildlife to make Australia blush!


Welcome to the unarguable shitehol of Tuffluv, the founding of one of two new colonies by Byzantium to the Shadow Coast. Having been founded in one of the worst possible areas, it was clear that it was just going to have one issue after another. Wild animals, fae, and undead were just some of the problems assaulting our dear, beloved squallor. As War between the Shadow Coast and Byzantium proper looms, the remnants of one town look to the people that have both saved and damned them for guidance.

Sir James – 7th lvl Paladin of Rurga – has three archnemeses, a Moon Hag, a dragon that killed his wife, and a one eyed white wolf that is ‘people smart’.

Jesmin Alia – 7th lvl Water Warlock – is one of four Elemental Charmers who actually have the super power of Control Elemental Force. Being as hers is water, it does not help much. Accidentally destroyed Tuffluv in a flood not long ago. Has something of a suiter in an NPC soldier who accompanies her.

Orion – Wolfen Soldier, sided with the Dragon in the rune weapon debacle, has a code of honor but not exactly aligned with the party.

Gentai – new player for this particular game, playing a Danzi Ranger that doesn’t say or do much so far. Hates everyone. We shall see what he brings to the table.

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