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An Actual Play Podcast devoted to Palladium Books® RPG games.


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 ONE of these two people ends up insane,

place your bets!



The exiled New Warriors have returned to Century Station after what felt like a year of exile, (OOCly, it actually was.)  However, the reunion is not a happy one.  In the once-home mansion of the New Warriors (their team name), strangers are seen.  The Station is the most high tech area on the planet most likely, and that means that they could be surveilled anywhere.  The foursome have to consider their options, and decide whom they can trust nowadays.

Meanwhile, Reckless, still harboring a syringe of the Creator's mutagen, breaks protocol to seek out his contact to find a cure for his horrid condition.  Desperate to change his situation, he finds himself in a situation where he can either risk death for salvation...or return to the drawing board.

Also a small cat-like bookwyrm gets involved, and there is much cuteness.

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I've had better days.

Up to their necks in trouble, these heroes are on the run from the US Government and SCRET, yet they may be the ones to reveal a sinister plot in Century Station. They've been beaten, crippled, and mutated, and worst of all, they've been played the fool. Despite all their myriad of problems now, they're determined to somehow reverse their situation. Recently they rescuded a tortured Troubleshooter in Mexico, it seems he may know a great deal more than physically possible, and yet he provides little answers...

Tessa Goodchild aka The Mystic of Century Station - lvl 6 Mystically Bestowed Weapon (currently lost), lvl 7 Wizard - Was killed with her wife The Sentry when the great Old One Shuma-Gorath invaded Century Station, death failed to hold onto her permanently. Her life has been ruined with the breakup with her wife, her own child having disappeared during the interim, and now crippled with a near-useless leg. She struggles morally with simply 'putting on the black' to get her answers.



I've had better days, too.


Reckless - lvl 7 Mutant - A spider-totem type hero, you know the archtype. Reckless had never had the chance to question if he wanted to be a hero, as he got thrown so deep into the mix so quickly, his only option was to fight for his life. Mutated by the Creator's mutagen, his face and body are now lumpy blobs everywhere, he now wears a Dark Man style getup, even in Central America

Jade - lvl 4 Mutant - A policewoman until her mutant powers broke out, Jade is both gorgeous and principled. She serves as the spiritual anchor of the team and the transportation as her energy discs have aided the team a great deal. While tough, her exploding spears haven't quite been able to dish out as much as she can take, yet.

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The longest night of your life is about to see dawn break

All the trials and tribulations of the Neighborhood Watch are for naught.  56 has been gutshot, heck, everyone's been shot, and the morning is coming soon.  No doubt that the missing girls they were investigating will surely be out of the city soon.  56's old ties to the Yakuza threaten his life as much as anything else that has happened in the hell of the last 48 hours.  Everyone is exhausted, discouraged, and out of ideas until Stan suggests bribing a prison guard to let them talk to the last subject on Juvi's hitlist.


And maybe there they can find some of the desperately needed answers before the sun rises...


56 - Ancient weapon master

Pi - Martial Artist

Danny - Young ghost boy from the 1950s


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July 3, 2016

Robotech - Interlude


Team died, lol.

First we begin things with a short interlude as the Kill-Bunnies get a few moments to cope with their lives, now that Khyron's assault had been repelled.

While most of the group has already lost everyone they hold dear, Nalide Namaneka fights tooth and nail to protect the shattered remnants of her family, only to lose her elder brother during the latest assault. Now all she has in the world is her young sister, and the girl speaks the truth.

We're all going to die on this ship.


With the Zentradi barricade around the SDF-1 , Breetai has effectively shut down the SDF's movement home finally. All communications are jammed, forcing Captain Gloval to attempt a risky plan. The K-Bunnies are to escort his 2nd in Command, Lisa Hayes, and their own former companion, Bella-Lyka, to Earth.

Nalide reveals the existance of a combat cocktail she had acquired, from her shady CO, called Zone.  Rumored to boost reflexes for a short time frame, the backlash of the drug may just outright kill its user if the enemy doesn't.  Still, with a mission of this great importance, is there no risk too high?

With the new booster system, and a screen by Darkangel Squadron, it may yet be possible to slip through unnoticed, and take a straight shot to Earth.

The question looms, how has Earth changed in the eight months since the Zentradi assault?

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