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An Actual Play Podcast devoted to Palladium Books® RPG games.



For future reference, a suspect screaming is

not considered a full confession.

It's a hot time, summer in the city, and our DEA agents are on the trail of a new drug called "Fated', whatever that means.  With a person of interest in custody, its time to learn what he knows while trying to avoid being stymied by his slick Wesson Oil lawyer that suddenly appeared.

Fortunately the DEA has a few tricks up their sleeves to use alternative ways to get solutions from these sorts of issues....

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September 18, 2016

Tuffluv - Time to Duel


Whiny protagonist not included


Its just a bit of high treason, folks.

But yes its true.  They've fought vampires, they've fought monsters from the Land of the Damned, and they've dealt with a most annoying dragon.  Yet the town defenders of Tuffluv are unable to escape the coming war, enough so that when troops come knocking, seeking the legendary rune weapons that the players are skeptical of using, yet do not wish to supply a side with; it turns into quite a debacle.

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September 11, 2016

Ninjas and Superspies - The DEA


Gun, Badge, Sunglasses, Gun, we're all set.

A rare opportunity for a first episode post!  The game is Ninjas and Superspies(r), the high-octane action film genre game written by Erick Wujick.  This time, we're playing DEA Agents intent to help break the drug trade in Miami.  (Do note that we know beans about such things, and that is obvious in gameplay, also some....unkind terms were used in gameplay as well.  As such, ask that you consider this NSFW)



Karl - Veteran Grunt - ex-Military who found himself overqualified for about anything else.  New to the whole situation in and out of game.  Knows Krav Maga, and familiar with many...many...weapons.


Cia Drelling aka "Punk"  -  Commando Mercenary - former Miami SWAT agent, as well as part of the K-9 corps.  Owns a fur coated razor blade named Quint, who you do NOT look in the eyes.  Large, boisterous, and a heart of gold.  Knows Brazilian Jui-Jutsu



Bhlaze - Operative Agent -  French INTERPOL agent on assignment with us.  Dual citizenship with US and France, knows Tae Kwon Do.  His father was killed in a sting gone bad in Miami years ago, suspects leak in the force



Jacki - ex-CSWAT from Century Station, left due to the current incidents there.  Trying to start over with her girlfriend in a new city, new setting.

Also like half of us don't have Surveillance or Streetwise, so we're off to a great start.

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September 4, 2016

Tuffluv - Emigration


Well it was a nice little town before I flooded it.

Lo the city of Tuffluv has been destroyed, due to the actions of the PC Defenders of the town.  Now all that remains is to ensure their survival as the coming revolution between the Warlock Council of the Shadow Coast, and of Byzantium proper.  Ever ones to stay out of global politics, the town defenders have repeatedly chosen to avoid this war, and yet it keeps coming closer to them.  Even the remnants of Tuffluv itself voice their support for revolution.

And the matter is made all the more difficult, when Clayre, a schoolmate of Jesmin's, appears out of the blue, in an effort to solicit her aid for the Warlock Council.


Sir James - Elven Knight, town protector, and defiant hero of the masses

Jesmin Alia- Byzantium Noble, Water Warlock and charmer, cagey manipulator and drowner of towns

Clayre - Western Empire Earth Warlock, mousey and shy, good natured.


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