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An Actual Play Podcast devoted to Palladium Books® RPG games.




The Nightlords' plan to bring forth Dark Day is quite possibly the most chilling, and dangerous event the New Warriors had ever endeavored to stop.  The team considers themselves only 'city protectors', since the Centurions departure, the small group know they need a great deal of assistance to even attempt this resistance.  All the deals, all the back alley negotiations and favors are called in as the team assembles their strike into the core of the Nightlands...

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January 22, 2017

Cascade - The Auction

What can I get for a starting bid on one human soul, slightly used?

Jin Song enters the fray, joining Velocity, and 56, into the streets of the city.   The question that lead them was simple enough, "How'd those gang bangers get those automatic weapons?"  The path starts winding deeper into the city's dark corners, and hints at the strange rules that the underworld of Cascade follows...

Jin Song - North Korean Super Soldier seeking his niece
56 - Ex-Yakuza melee expert struggling with his morality
Velocity - Super Inventor from Century Station, trying to save his home city


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January 21, 2017

Fantasy - Land of Adventure


You know...when I woke up this morning,

I did not expect THIS.

In the midst of the wastes of the southern reaches of the Palladium Fantasy world, a literal motley group of thrillseekers and adventurers actually meet, without being in a bar!  Thrown together due to a strange oddity of life, and an interest in protecting the innocent, the small band looks to clear their name together!

Serei - Draenei (reflavored Wolfen) monk, quite possibly the last of her kind, uses drunken boxing
Jinzo - Human Samurai, disgraced and exiled after his political marriage destroyed his entire clan line
- A Wolfen Familiar Wrangler, with some minor spell ability, and a rather dangerous wolf.


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Just sit right there, and I'll tell you a tale, a tale of a faithful FUCKBALLS!

In a world of post-apocalyptic genetic mayhem, animals gained sapience, and sought their way up into civilization.  And one humble crew has come together to see about making some money in the Great Lakes region.  It is a humble crew, looking to explore their part of the world.


Gadget - Ship's captain and chief mechanic - Ferret

Wash - Chief of marketing and sales, also has cartoon Tourette's - Raccoon

Trip - Layabout in charge of acquisitions - Fox

Luden - Absolutely not a mechanic, hired on to be Ship's cook - Mouse

Bonnie - Also not the ship's mechanic, hired on as Ship's boatwright - larger Mouse

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All I ever wanted to do, was bring magic into the world.

Organizing a resistance to an interplanetary invasion is never going to be easy, but there's so much work to be done and nobody seems to be doing anything at all except dealing with their own issues!  It always comes down to the mage to have to lead such expeditions, meaning our heroine The Mystic of Century Station, Tessa Goodchild, has to get out of her element and actually deal with people and try to be....charismatic.

Stress ensues.

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