Cascade- The Secret of the Magnum Opus

March 26th, 2017


Always bet on Jin Sang


Nobody said being a Guile Hero would be easy


Zakk tries his hand at a game in Cascade, allowing myself the chance to introduce my own character...

Introducing Kelly Sharpe, the Queen of Diamonds - Revamped Stage Magician OCC

The heroes of Cascade don't have to simply be reactionary, sometimes they pick up their own leads in order to take the fight to the syndicates.  They had decided on taking on the sex trade, and as part of that, two heavily armed tactical riflemen, a baseball bat wielding ex-Yakuza, and a casino entertainer put their skills to use as they learn the secret of the Magnum Opus casino.

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After The Bomb - The Birds and the Bees

March 19th, 2017

This is nothing like the 'man to man' talk I had with my dad

The small crew of the S.S. Righteous Indignation has been forcefully drafted into the military for a specific job.  Not everyone's happy about it, but their investment is on the line.  Diplomacy and danger lurk in the future, especially for a cartoon Tourette's raccoon merchant.

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Eorzea - A Simple Patrol

March 5th, 2017


Amid azure seas, there lies a land embraced

by gods and forged by....squires?

In the eastern side of the Palladium Fantasy world, there lies a single citystate, hard pressed to find upon any map.  With great crystals providing limitless energy, and the technology to merge with it, the citystate of Eorzea heralds the theoretical dawn of a new Elven Empire.  Such are the tales of would-be knights in her glorious service.

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