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An Actual Play Podcast devoted to Palladium Books® RPG games.


silver city

Everyone grab an oar, and start paddling.  Doesn't matter which way.


The Silver City Survivors are in a hard place.  They've learned exactly what some of their kin are up to, and have rediscovered that mysterious creature that has harmed many in the city.  The police aren't up to catching it, and yet with nobody willing to lead this group of young students, what can they hope to accomplish?


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 Think of it like dungeon crawling...


The secret of the Vat comes to fruition as the vigilantes of Cascade track down the Bones of Utu.  However, as the vigilantes move, someone too tracks their position, their own agenda being put into action.  Given the reclusive nature of the death cult, the heroes must venture into the forgotten depths of the city.

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silver city

Hello fellow students, you look trustworthy...

The Silver City Survivors are still feeling the aftermath of the dock incident, leaving one of their own dead.  In this action-light night, the police get involved, and some of the Survivors make some very surprising choices in how to deal with them.  In addition, questions arise over Warren's entire involvement with La Razza, a gun running operation in the city.

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