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An Actual Play Podcast devoted to Palladium Books® RPG games.


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Maaaaybe not quite as harmless as it looks

This week, we finally conclude one of our most downloaded adventures, which started with The Black Cat Society Among the Fey.

Dan returns to the GM's chair in order to bring our curious, yet not necessarily combat-heavy crew through the realm of the High Fey, in order to find a missing child.

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We have been discussing the idea of a villain/anti-hero game again, and have started pitching out ideas and spitballing.  Come listen to a session zero of the game I'm currently calling the "Megaversal Tour"

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As one of the last items from this year's open house, a Q&A panel with Kev and as many writers and artists as he could wrangle.  I ask the first question.  Unsurprisingly, it involves Cascade.

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I'm out of my element here, most things I fight have a sense of self-preservation!


In this week's short entry, Black Sheep Squadron encounters the Inorganics for the first time, and then comes up with a plan to capture one for study!

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