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An Actual Play Podcast devoted to Palladium Books© RPG games.


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Now with 100% more Kankoran!

We're testing out After the Bomb again, as a more exploratory set of characters put together to help Corneria after the human's attack on the city. Strange creatures abound out in the wilderness, but our lynx, fox, and mole are....up to the challenge?



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This is nothing like the 'man to man' talk I had with my dad

The small crew of the S.S. Righteous Indignation has been forcefully drafted into the military for a specific job.  Not everyone's happy about it, but their investment is on the line.  Diplomacy and danger lurk in the future, especially for a cartoon Tourette's raccoon merchant.

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Just sit right there, and I'll tell you a tale, a tale of a faithful FUCKBALLS!

In a world of post-apocalyptic genetic mayhem, animals gained sapience, and sought their way up into civilization.  And one humble crew has come together to see about making some money in the Great Lakes region.  It is a humble crew, looking to explore their part of the world.


Gadget - Ship's captain and chief mechanic - Ferret

Wash - Chief of marketing and sales, also has cartoon Tourette's - Raccoon

Trip - Layabout in charge of acquisitions - Fox

Luden - Absolutely not a mechanic, hired on to be Ship's cook - Mouse

Bonnie - Also not the ship's mechanic, hired on as Ship's boatwright - larger Mouse

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