The Black Cat Society and the Child of Two Worlds

July 29th, 2018

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Maaaaybe not quite as harmless as it looks

This week, we finally conclude one of our most downloaded adventures, which started with The Black Cat Society Among the Fey.

Dan returns to the GM's chair in order to bring our curious, yet not necessarily combat-heavy crew through the realm of the High Fey, in order to find a missing child.

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After The Bomb - Team Explorer

June 19th, 2018

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Now with 100% more Kankoran!

We're testing out After the Bomb again, as a more exploratory set of characters put together to help Corneria after the human's attack on the city. Strange creatures abound out in the wilderness, but our lynx, fox, and mole are....up to the challenge?



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The Black Cat Society Among the Fey

October 29th, 2017


If the Fae were more earnest,

I feel like people'd like them more.


Dan runs the Cats through another harrowing journey as they deal with preternatural foes of a most tricksy nature. As always with the Black Cats, things are never quite what they seem. So much so that the Cats are rather jaded of such mischief...

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The Paragons - Of Fools and Floating Stones

September 5th, 2017


If this boat goes beneath 55 MPH, the campaign explodes!

The Paragons snuck in an extra game on Labor Day.  Join Cinder the kicking fiend, Rina the noble Palladin, young Ashton the Ice Knight, and the cantankerous Guardian Iatos as they explore a mechanical island in search of stone-man raiding pirates.  The Paragons have certainly met their match this time, so may the cards be ever in their favor.

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After The Bomb - The Birds and the Bees

March 19th, 2017

This is nothing like the 'man to man' talk I had with my dad

The small crew of the S.S. Righteous Indignation has been forcefully drafted into the military for a specific job.  Not everyone's happy about it, but their investment is on the line.  Diplomacy and danger lurk in the future, especially for a cartoon Tourette's raccoon merchant.

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