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An Actual Play Podcast devoted to Palladium Books© RPG games.


I test run my new Paragons game to prepare to demo it for the Palladium Open House

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September 15, 2021

Cascade- A Taste of Evil pt 6

Five out of six heroes recommend group attacking an undead, but what good is expected of a situation when the thing just cannot be killed?

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September 1, 2021

Cascade - A Taste of Evil pt 5

Having set up an ambush, the vigilantes of Cascade see if they can put an end to a supernatural puppet to a madman.

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Our heroes set a trap, and gather information, hoping to find a way to permanently end a supernatural creature in their midst.

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Part two of A Taste of Evil. The characters continue their investigation into State Senator Mattock Chambers and his mysterious doctor.

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The vigilante heroes of Cascade find a badly butchered corpse, and start investigation the trail backwards, looking for motives of a personal nature, as a new heroine sees corruption before her eyes, and makes the decision to stop it.

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We begin another adventure in the Dark City of Cascade with a new player!

Dr. Soresson/Quagmire - Super Sleuth
Philip Langstom/Walker - Wizard
Jade Johnson - Physical Training
The Recluse - Physical Training
Anton/Mr. Smith - Tattooed Archer (Gun Mage)

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The heroes of Cascade 2099 have a golden opportunity ahead of them, if only they don't drown. The thrilling conclusion to this adventure, and one-shot.

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The Down is a tough place to travel through Layers and layers of abandoned construction projects, rampant flooding, and psychopaths are just part of the issues.

The heroes of Cascade 2099 experience three distinct problems as they sally forth

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December 28, 2020

Cascade 2099 - Diving Down

Our heroes are requested to go find a missing person. The trail leads underneath the city, and surely the Down is even worse than it was back in modern age...

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