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An Actual Play Podcast devoted to Palladium Books© RPG games.


I introduce some players at the Open House to the Megaversal Storm, with the Scars of War game I've run at home...

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The first of three games recorded at the 2022 Open House, please excuse the sound quality. In this Heroes Unlimited game, Glen Evans runs us through one of his feature settings, where a private protection firm needs to investigate, and prevent an assassination attempt...

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As one of the last items from this year's open house, a Q&A panel with Kev and as many writers and artists as he could wrangle.  I ask the first question.  Unsurprisingly, it involves Cascade.

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Glen Evans, writer of the Byzantium book, takes us through a game set on Lopan, full of intrigue and poo jokes.  We apologize for part of the setup being missing on this game, the recorder was having issues.  That said, it was a blast.

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It definitely was a trap.


In this Open House special, it was the Guides themselves who were ambushed. Give a listen as three of the Guides finally get a chance to play in a first war Robotech game for Macross Saga.

Finally, our GM Robert gets a chance to actually play pure, perfect Robotech...

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Artwork Comissioned via AciidWire

For my next trick...mass rioting!


I reworked my Devil's Night adventure for the Open House and had a chance to record it.  I think it worked out pretty well.

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At the Open House 2018, Robert had a chance to run a pick-up game of Tuffluv, the little colony that couldn't, for myself, Adam, and two guest players, one of which is the Palladium forum's own, Jack Burton, and his wife!

The game had to end early due to Kevin's closing address, but it was fun to hear some new people play!

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Our second game from the Palladium Open House was done by the Coalition Deadboys Podcast, entitled "The Greatest Megaverse in the Hero".

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At the Open House, I had a chance to attend a panel on building better monsters, the creature created will be part of the Rifts Bestiary, lets hope it helps create some novel experiences!

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Wild Skies is a new RPG brought out by several Palladium alumni, I had the chance to talk to Brandon K. Aten about it at the Palladium open house.  The kickstarter is in its final days, so act now if you want in on it!

Check it out here!

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