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An Actual Play Podcast devoted to Palladium Books© RPG games.


Our heroes adjust to life after the events of Esper Force. Some of them get into mischief, others get shot at.

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The finale and wrap up of Monster Hunter

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Part three of four of Monster Hunter

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Part two of four of the massive fight of their lives.

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Having rallied, the Paragons have filled their ranks, intent on ending the scourge of this dragon, and prepare for one massive fight...Part 1 of 4

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The Paragons continue their investigation into the strange dragon and those that seem to worship it...

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RATHALOS | TEPPEN -Official Site-

The Paragons Free Company has learned of a threat greater than all the Ymir-Kin or animated machina, one that abhors their brand of power. Confronted with a foe on similar footing to their own, the Paragons must move to rally and overcome!

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The vigilantes of Cascade put into motion a simple but cunning plan to learn more about the situation, and soon a daring assault will occur!


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March 21, 2020

Rifts Beastiary

The Second Rifts Beastiary is coming out, we gave our basic impressions on the first one so far.

There's a Megaversal Insider for it, if you want to contribute more to get a nice little boon.

Check it out!


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The vigilantes of Cascade are on another mission clock, this one drawing close to Devil's Night. An unknown CEO, a private military contractor, and a site of the heroes previous work, the Magnum Opus casino all come into play.

Given how the Raid on the Magnum Opus went last time, how fare the heroes this time, as they attempt to break security a second time?

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