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January 14, 2020

Silver City - Choices Part 2

The irrevocable change in the lives of a group of kids who just wanted to do so something with the rest of their lives...

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Part Two of Silver City's "The Perfect Crime"

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silver city

Everyone grab an oar, and start paddling.  Doesn't matter which way.


The Silver City Survivors are in a hard place.  They've learned exactly what some of their kin are up to, and have rediscovered that mysterious creature that has harmed many in the city.  The police aren't up to catching it, and yet with nobody willing to lead this group of young students, what can they hope to accomplish?


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silver city

Hello fellow students, you look trustworthy...

The Silver City Survivors are still feeling the aftermath of the dock incident, leaving one of their own dead.  In this action-light night, the police get involved, and some of the Survivors make some very surprising choices in how to deal with them.  In addition, questions arise over Warren's entire involvement with La Razza, a gun running operation in the city.

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That a life so young, came to an end so fast.


The ripples of Nate Miller's death are felt at his funeral, and the Silver City Survivors will never be the same.  As each character copes with the loss of a good friend, blame is thrown around.  Some of the kids are emboldened, determined never to let something like this happen again.  Others find only folly in the idea of using their strange powers at all...

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Sure it's fun to play hero, but I don't think

they're playing by our rules...


The Silver City Survivors' first foray into actual heroics has the unfortunate backlash of reality setting in.  Monsters, gunfire, and explosions follow in their wake.  Half of them aren't even sure why they're doing this, owing their loyalty to the others.  Hopefully their handler, Mr. Hansen is up to the task of ensuring that all of them make it home safely!

Hendricks - quiet military child, Construct Force Construct
Nate - skateboarder trickshot artist,  Alter Limb, Enlarge Objects, Targetting
Paige - fun loving, ADHD prone comics fan  - Gestalt hero
Ben - serious about heroism, suspicious of his father - APS: Air, Spiral
Wade - Worried about his powers, curious about Paige -  Super Energy Expulsion  Not present


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silver city

Perhaps following the lead of the girl off

of her meds wasn't that good an idea...


Silver City's had its moments.  First there was that horrible terrorist attack that killed so many students, poisoning a science expo.  But there were a few that survived the massacre.  And those kids coped with the loss as best they could, by bonding together.

Barely even freshmen, they were consolidated from all around Silver City, into one small class of twenty odd kids.  Hushed whispers follow them in the halls.  Why didn't THEY die too?  The Survivors, they're called.  And they have secrets indeed.  Some of them have super powers...and what they do with them...well, they're still figuring that out.

Today the Silver City Survivors consider actually trying to fight crime, but what crime to fight, and how to go about it.  Aimless and without much help from their keeper Hansen, the Kids attempt to do some good in the world...


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Is 'Boo' too cliche here?  Yes? 

Well, I guess you'll never get to tell anyone...

The Silver City Survivors have their own problems on Halloween when someone else 'gene active' decides to cause a bit too much havoc at Halloween...

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Okay...I read once that the most important advice,

on alien worlds, is "Don't Panic"


What an unusual world for a handful of exceptional teens to step foot onto.  Strange animals, strange creatures, and perhaps just a bit of panic.  We're not runaways, we're just trying to get home.  Despite all the confusion, one thing is clear.  Being smart isn't a super power.

Wade - plasma spewing teen with little self-control
Devon - thinks that being smart is a power. (Its not!)
Hendricks (HK) - manifests big blue hands, and son of military parents.
Paige - doesn't have powers, but she's got a big friend named Titan who does
Nate - Skater with a metal robot arm, a skilled shot
Benjamin - experienced from his time in Japan, the teen can disappear into the wind

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Class is back in session.

The Survivors are seeing the end of their Spring Break, and curiosity will lead them into doing something far too daring, far too dangerous for a bunch of 14 year olds.

Nate - Alter Limbs, Enlarge Objects, Targetting, Heightened Sense of balance - Traumatized by recent events, Nate has come to see the danger inherent in power.

Paige - Bonded Hero- A new girl with ADD that's as talkative enough that it may be one of her own powers. Claims to be a sidekick for a hero called Teen Titan.

Hendrix - Force Constructs/Psionics - Nobody knows anything about this extraordinary quiet kid, Nobody knows how he just shows up without being noticed. He's just there.

Wade - Super Energy Expulson: Plasma - Having leveled a set of trees, and horribly burning two people, Wade must now find a way to cope with what he's done.

Devon - Natural Genius - Thinking utterly rationally even in the most dire situation, Devon finds himself disconnected from his team as they struggle to deal with the trauma. Also "Being smart isn't a power!"

Ben - APS Air, Vortex - the only experienced member of this team finds himself wistfully wishing for his time in Japan.


Unfortunately part of this AP was cut off early, we apologize for this error.

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