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An Actual Play Podcast devoted to Palladium Books© RPG games.


The vigilante heroes of Cascade continue their investigation into an oddly crushed vehicle, as they try to get in front of a trail of carnage...and someone with a very deep grudge....

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Cascade.jpgTo be fair, not many super powers are limited by Wi-Fi...


We return to Cascade this week with a new(er) cast of characters!

The dark city is full of stories, but what story comes from a car crushed beyond recognition?

Find out today!

Elise - Hunter/Vigilante lvl 1

Walker - Wizard lvl 2

Charlotte - Experiment lvl 2

Mr. Smith - Tattooed Archer lvl 1

Quagmire - Super Sleuth lvl 2

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The longest night of your life is about to see dawn break

All the trials and tribulations of the Neighborhood Watch are for naught.  56 has been gutshot, heck, everyone's been shot, and the morning is coming soon.  No doubt that the missing girls they were investigating will surely be out of the city soon.  56's old ties to the Yakuza threaten his life as much as anything else that has happened in the hell of the last 48 hours.  Everyone is exhausted, discouraged, and out of ideas until Stan suggests bribing a prison guard to let them talk to the last subject on Juvi's hitlist.


And maybe there they can find some of the desperately needed answers before the sun rises...


56 - Ancient weapon master

Pi - Martial Artist

Danny - Young ghost boy from the 1950s


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Bovinoamaxaphobia - Fear of Cattle Cars,

which I have now thanks to this damn city.

The Doomsday Clock is ticking in Cascade. After a cattle car full of psychopaths nearly take down the bat-wielding '56', that leaves the players in an actionable position to learn some answers from the underground. Lives of at least two innocent girls are still in the balance, and the night is wasting away. Certainly time is not on the heroes side here, but there has to be something connecting all the events.

Missing girls.
Gang members burned alive
and the name 'Juvi'

What mysterious incident happened three years ago that has its backlash rearing its ugly head in Cascade? What spurned such a desire to kill?

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There's three types of Justice in this world...


The dark city of Cascade is not a place for heroes. The city is doing poor enough without vigilantes roaming the streets. Street crime has the city in a stranglehold, half the cops look the other way, and most of the rest are too scared to talk.

This isn't a city for flame slinging, flying bricks. Just catching sight of a flying hero is enough to send the city into an economic panic. Insurance rates rise, expecting collateral damage, and the mayor's office steadfast reminds the police force that vigilantism is not tolerated. Offenders will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.

But who will break the grip of the criminal institution that makes Cascade 'neutral ground' for all the various syndicates? Who will right the wrongs when the police cannot help?


56 - a former Yakuza legbreaker who has ended up in Cascade, hoping to cut ties with his syndicate. Wields a pair of baseball bats, and wears a facemask

Pi Chan - A young Chinese martial artist who works at a shop that her grandfather owns, and unknowningly has ties to the Triads as well.

Danny - A kid from the 1950s whose parents were engineers in the great Cascade Dynamo event. (A self-sustaining power source that unknowingly tapped into ley lines) The reactor's initial coming online ended up ripping him from his body, and leaving him as a only-sometimes-tangible ghost. (Yes, we realize he's playing Danny Phantom)

Foul - The 10 year old son of a pair of drug dealers who, upon his death, somehow became a gestalt of flies.

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