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An Actual Play Podcast devoted to Palladium Books© RPG games.


We hop back to Gencon 2019 for the second game of Tuffluv by Robert, featuring the Megaversal Storm card decks!

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The second half of Robert's Tuffluv game at Gencon, featuring the Megaversal Storm!

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Robert ran the game of Tuffluv using the Megaversal Storm rules, come listen and see how the players did!  A caution for your ears, there might be some actual player to player yelling at one part.

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August 25, 2018

GenCon 2018 - Tuffluv

Robert ran the town of Tuffluv's adventure at Gencon 2018 for four players. While there are other people in the room with their own games, it seemed to be quiet enough for a good recording.

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At the Open House 2018, Robert had a chance to run a pick-up game of Tuffluv, the little colony that couldn't, for myself, Adam, and two guest players, one of which is the Palladium forum's own, Jack Burton, and his wife!

The game had to end early due to Kevin's closing address, but it was fun to hear some new people play!

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November 5, 2016

Tuffluv - And So It Goes


Some roads never end, but sometimes it is a new traveler walking....




...and sometimes the very thing you never wanted, will be the thing you've always been.

The colony has met its match, the entire group of farmers and misfits have been deemed traitors to the Byzantium homeland, a casualty of the war for independence with the Warlock Council of the Shadow Coast.

An unlikely suggestion from Jesmin's childhood friend, Claire, leads to a desperate gamble.  Trial by Combat.  Sir James seeks to lay it on the line, to fight for justice, and to prove in the trial, that his precious few survivors are innocent of such charges.   Jesmin chose to clear her noble house's name of any wrongdoing.  And together, they wait in the ruined city of Tiras Le, awaiting the Empire's champions.

Outnumbered mightily, the two hope that their political maneuver will be enough to win their freedoms.  And yet sometimes heroes move on, and sometimes they fall.
This is the end of the story of Tuffluv, and it's would-be champions.                      

And so it goes.

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September 18, 2016

Tuffluv - Time to Duel


Whiny protagonist not included


Its just a bit of high treason, folks.

But yes its true.  They've fought vampires, they've fought monsters from the Land of the Damned, and they've dealt with a most annoying dragon.  Yet the town defenders of Tuffluv are unable to escape the coming war, enough so that when troops come knocking, seeking the legendary rune weapons that the players are skeptical of using, yet do not wish to supply a side with; it turns into quite a debacle.

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September 4, 2016

Tuffluv - Emigration


Well it was a nice little town before I flooded it.

Lo the city of Tuffluv has been destroyed, due to the actions of the PC Defenders of the town.  Now all that remains is to ensure their survival as the coming revolution between the Warlock Council of the Shadow Coast, and of Byzantium proper.  Ever ones to stay out of global politics, the town defenders have repeatedly chosen to avoid this war, and yet it keeps coming closer to them.  Even the remnants of Tuffluv itself voice their support for revolution.

And the matter is made all the more difficult, when Clayre, a schoolmate of Jesmin's, appears out of the blue, in an effort to solicit her aid for the Warlock Council.


Sir James - Elven Knight, town protector, and defiant hero of the masses

Jesmin Alia- Byzantium Noble, Water Warlock and charmer, cagey manipulator and drowner of towns

Clayre - Western Empire Earth Warlock, mousey and shy, good natured.


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April 19, 2016

Tuffluv - Hail Fire


Quaint, homey, and filled with enough dangerous wildlife to make Australia blush!


Welcome to the unarguable shitehol of Tuffluv, the founding of one of two new colonies by Byzantium to the Shadow Coast. Having been founded in one of the worst possible areas, it was clear that it was just going to have one issue after another. Wild animals, fae, and undead were just some of the problems assaulting our dear, beloved squallor. As War between the Shadow Coast and Byzantium proper looms, the remnants of one town look to the people that have both saved and damned them for guidance.

Sir James – 7th lvl Paladin of Rurga – has three archnemeses, a Moon Hag, a dragon that killed his wife, and a one eyed white wolf that is ‘people smart’.

Jesmin Alia – 7th lvl Water Warlock – is one of four Elemental Charmers who actually have the super power of Control Elemental Force. Being as hers is water, it does not help much. Accidentally destroyed Tuffluv in a flood not long ago. Has something of a suiter in an NPC soldier who accompanies her.

Orion – Wolfen Soldier, sided with the Dragon in the rune weapon debacle, has a code of honor but not exactly aligned with the party.

Gentai – new player for this particular game, playing a Danzi Ranger that doesn’t say or do much so far. Hates everyone. We shall see what he brings to the table.

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September 6, 2015

Tuffluv - The Minds of Chaos

My microphone died before this episode, so for a while, we have to go without audio recording, here's a summary.


The battle at Tuffluv continues after a two week absence.  The Water Warlock was in a coma, the hero Paladin had his armor shredded, and the Undead Slayer was in a life or death battle against a Chaos Imp.


Those that had lost their characters played some of the Byzantium soldiers as very generic characters, to give them something to do.  Also, we ended up having a player character mercenary reveal himself as part of the established contingent.

The Chaos Troll lays waste to everything and every one, putting the Paladin into HP.  Some soldiers move to aid him, trying to fend off the beast with their polearms.   Two of them crit the creature in unison and then are knocked off their feet immediately afterwards as a wide swath from the creature.

The Chaos Lion suffocates in a haze of ice, gifted from the downed Warlock, the Imp is brought to heel as it surrenders to the Undead Slayer, and the Troll is brought down by teamwork, though the Paladin lays near death.

A few days of recovery occur as people in Tuffluv rumor and gossip about the Chaos Imp and the strange relationship that forms between she and the Slayer.  Rumors of Witches abound.  The Warlock recovers, and in a lament of the loss of life accuses the Paladin of being a poor tactician.  The two argue in public for several minutes before going their separate ways.

Fire fills the night sky as a raid by the remaining secondary vampire takes seven lives, even as the heroes move to defend the town.  It becomes clear that they have no time remaining to destroy the last of the wild vampires.

The Slayer brings forth a circle of rain, which the Warlock uses in epic fashion to flood and destroy the cave system, the mercenary, paladin, and slayer all the guard necessary to ensure the wild vampires could not flee, nor assault the warlock.

As a wave of water floods the deepest reaches, and ice crackles atop the ceiling to prevent climbing, it becomes apparent that the vampire plague of Tuffluv is no more, finally…

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