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An Actual Play Podcast devoted to Palladium Books© RPG games.

August 7, 2016

Esper Force - Android 18…or possibly 19


Nobody truly dies if you have a necromancer or a mad scientist on the team!

Japan's only superhero team has returned with a special guest.  Three years ago, a group of students in Hokkaido rallied together to help their great nation against a military coup, and helped stop a demonic invasion from Jigoku by forming a gestalt known as the Enlightened King Kai.  Tokyo was damaged in the attack, but it was at that time that Esper Force became public.  Their goal?  To honor their families and provide a better future...




The team is currently attempting to forever close demon portals around the country, however the great guardians that protect these portals are extraordinarily deadly.  When the great seductress Jurai Guomo entrances one of their own, it was the frail psychic Yurika who paid the price, her body giving up mid-combat as she burned her very life essence to protect another.



Lenn - aka Japan Cable, Lenn comes from a demon-controlled future and brooks no nonsense.  Energy based powerset

Noriko - Analytical Genius, Noriko's instrumental in the creation of power armor, ships, and the problem of the demon invasion, however her unscrupulous tendencies cause her to delve into territory best left alone.

Yurika/Jun The Swan - A psychic who started out the game dead, she manifested a new body.  Weak of flesh, strong of spirit, Yurika has died seven times.  Ever the righteous one, her friends jokingly call her 'Captain Nippon'  (aka Captain Japan).

Tori - A new recruit, Tori gained his demonically-infused powerset during the attack from Jigoku.  His family no longer recognizes him, leaving him feeling quite alone in the world...

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