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An Actual Play Podcast devoted to Palladium Books© RPG games.

August 28, 2016

Esper Force - Fun With Charizard


Its like a much more violent version of Pokemon,

except we also punch one of the trainers.

Locked in a battle with the Fire Kami, and those who would want to claim his power, Esper Force apprehensively makes the choice, that it would be better to contain the Fire Kami than to let it roam free.

However a divine beast is not so easily captured, and there are always worse things out there that must be dealt with...



Lenn - aka Japan Cable, Lenn comes from a demon-controlled future and brooks no nonsense.  Energy based powerset

Noriko - Analytical Genius, Noriko's instrumental in the creation of power armor, ships, and the problem of the demon invasion, however her unscrupulous tendencies cause her to delve into territory best left alone.

Sakura - Child of Ameratsu, goddess of the Sun, Sakura bears the crushing weight of responsibility on her, having watched her friends die in her stead.

Yurika - Weak of flesh, strong of spirit, the powerful psychic Yurika has died seven times.  Now housed in a robot body, she is forced to adjust to a life akin to death.

Tori - A new recruit, Tori gained his demonically-infused powerset during the attack from Jigoku.  His family no longer recognizes him, leaving him feeling quite alone in the world...

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