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An Actual Play Podcast devoted to Palladium Books© RPG games.

July 3, 2016

Robotech - Interlude


Team died, lol.

First we begin things with a short interlude as the Kill-Bunnies get a few moments to cope with their lives, now that Khyron's assault had been repelled.

While most of the group has already lost everyone they hold dear, Nalide Namaneka fights tooth and nail to protect the shattered remnants of her family, only to lose her elder brother during the latest assault. Now all she has in the world is her young sister, and the girl speaks the truth.

We're all going to die on this ship.


With the Zentradi barricade around the SDF-1 , Breetai has effectively shut down the SDF's movement home finally. All communications are jammed, forcing Captain Gloval to attempt a risky plan. The K-Bunnies are to escort his 2nd in Command, Lisa Hayes, and their own former companion, Bella-Lyka, to Earth.

Nalide reveals the existance of a combat cocktail she had acquired, from her shady CO, called Zone.  Rumored to boost reflexes for a short time frame, the backlash of the drug may just outright kill its user if the enemy doesn't.  Still, with a mission of this great importance, is there no risk too high?

With the new booster system, and a screen by Darkangel Squadron, it may yet be possible to slip through unnoticed, and take a straight shot to Earth.

The question looms, how has Earth changed in the eight months since the Zentradi assault?

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