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An Actual Play Podcast devoted to Palladium Books© RPG games.

September 6, 2015

Tuffluv - The Minds of Chaos

My microphone died before this episode, so for a while, we have to go without audio recording, here's a summary.


The battle at Tuffluv continues after a two week absence.  The Water Warlock was in a coma, the hero Paladin had his armor shredded, and the Undead Slayer was in a life or death battle against a Chaos Imp.


Those that had lost their characters played some of the Byzantium soldiers as very generic characters, to give them something to do.  Also, we ended up having a player character mercenary reveal himself as part of the established contingent.

The Chaos Troll lays waste to everything and every one, putting the Paladin into HP.  Some soldiers move to aid him, trying to fend off the beast with their polearms.   Two of them crit the creature in unison and then are knocked off their feet immediately afterwards as a wide swath from the creature.

The Chaos Lion suffocates in a haze of ice, gifted from the downed Warlock, the Imp is brought to heel as it surrenders to the Undead Slayer, and the Troll is brought down by teamwork, though the Paladin lays near death.

A few days of recovery occur as people in Tuffluv rumor and gossip about the Chaos Imp and the strange relationship that forms between she and the Slayer.  Rumors of Witches abound.  The Warlock recovers, and in a lament of the loss of life accuses the Paladin of being a poor tactician.  The two argue in public for several minutes before going their separate ways.

Fire fills the night sky as a raid by the remaining secondary vampire takes seven lives, even as the heroes move to defend the town.  It becomes clear that they have no time remaining to destroy the last of the wild vampires.

The Slayer brings forth a circle of rain, which the Warlock uses in epic fashion to flood and destroy the cave system, the mercenary, paladin, and slayer all the guard necessary to ensure the wild vampires could not flee, nor assault the warlock.

As a wave of water floods the deepest reaches, and ice crackles atop the ceiling to prevent climbing, it becomes apparent that the vampire plague of Tuffluv is no more, finally…

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