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An Actual Play Podcast devoted to Palladium Books® RPG games.


September 24, 2018

Fantasy - Wayward Strangers

Our one hundredth upload!


And what a fitting game it is. The Fantasy crew meet some very strange and powerful individuals that seem a bit familiar in this game, as they learn more about what the fallen god Chantico is up to, and speculate as to what could happen next.

Also someone gets clowned in two hits.

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September 9, 2018

Fantasy - Castles in the Fog

                                              Image result for foggy tower

At least its better than that door we had to deal with once

The Eastern Territory party investigates Baron Archemides Pennington's home while he's away, seeking proof of his involvement. What we found, however, was something that we couldn't have anticipated

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September 3, 2018

Guides Facebook page

The GTTM podcast now has its own Facebook page, please join us there anytime to talk to the Guides about anything Palladium related!
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September 2, 2018

GenCon 2018 - Robotech

Join the Guides at Gencon 2018 for another game, in which Robert explores some of the story of Phoenix Squadron, the rivals to the Kill Bunny Squadron.  Of course, nobody really can rival the Kill Bunnies, or can they?

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QuestWise is the alter ego of Jodie Brandt, a devoted tabletop gamer for over 25 years. The channel is devoted to promoting roleplaying games large and small, with a focus on those produced by Palladium Books.

Check him out at
QuestWise on Youtube!

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August 25, 2018

GenCon 2018 - Tuffluv

Robert ran the town of Tuffluv's adventure at Gencon 2018 for four players. While there are other people in the room with their own games, it seemed to be quiet enough for a good recording.

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Its pretty bad when the team is rooting to be under attack...
Black Sheep Squadron is back in the fray, back at Mars, as the Gloval Base desperately needs to alert Earth to the Robotech Masters situation. Which means tracking down one of the two Garfish in the area, and hoping to use their long-range communications to contact the planet, but to do so means alerting the Masters of their situation...
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August 15, 2018

Bundle of Holding deal!

As a Guide to the Megaverse(tm), I feel it is only fitting to let our listeners know that there is a deal going on right now for the Essential Rifts items, including the GM's Guide as well as the World books for North America.  My group rather enjoys the New West setting(and we'll be going back there again someday). Beating the threshold means more books, including one of my favorite books, the Book of Magic! 

Currently there's five more days on the big BoH sale, and I encourage you all to partake in the deal.


1) The Rifts® Essentials Bundle of Holding


The Rifts® Essentials gets you the core rule book and a few key supplements for the science-fantasy Rifts® setting. This bargain-priced revival of the popular 2017 offer is your starting point for a campaign of mind-blowing adventure across a future Earth shattered by countless otherworldly invaders, demons and monsters. And after you get this Essentials collection, check out the all-NEW Rifts® World Books offer with supplements and sourcebooks for an epic campaign stretching across North America; described below). And 10% of every purchase goes to the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children to protect and help children.



Rifts® “Essentials” Starter Collection (US $8.95 – total value $33.50).

It is called the Rifts® “Essentials” Bundle because it contains everything you need to play or start a campaign:

  • Rifts® Ultimate Edition™ (376 page core rule book).
  • Rifts® Sourcebook One™ (160 page adventure sourcebook).
  • Rifts® Primer (tips on running games and creating adventures).

Total PDF retail value of $33.50, all for only $8.95!



BONUS Essentials Collection (currently US $20.94):

If you pay more than this offer's threshold (average) price ($20.94 when we post this, but the longer you wait, the higher it will go), you will level up and also get this offer's entire Bonus Collection.

  • Rifts® Game Master Guide (352 pages of stats, robots, vehicles, gear and maps).
  • Rifts® Book of Magic (352 pages, 900+ spells, plus magic items, herbs, symbiotes and more).
  • Rifts® Game Master Kit (character sheets, G.M. tools).


Note: 10% of every purchase goes to National Center for Missing and Exploited Children.


2) New! Rifts® “World Books Bundle” of Holding – going on right now – don’t miss out




The Rifts® “World Books” STARTER Collection (US $14.95 – total value $58.50).

For just US $14.95 you get five World Books, below, in this offer’s Starter Collection. Pay more and you also get the Bonus Collection of 6 additional books. ALL set in America, Canada and Mexico. Perfect for those of you looking for more world and setting information or anxiously waiting for the upcoming Rifts® Bestiary books. Also ideal for Rifts® Savage Worlds® players looking for a wealth of additional setting information, villains and monsters.

  • World Book 1: Vampire Kingdoms, Revised (224 pages, vampires and much more).
  • World Book 13: Lone Star (176 pages, CS secrets, Dog Boys, mutants, the bandit Pecos Empire, villains and more).
  • World Book 16: Federation of Magic (160 pages, 8 mages, Techno-Wizard devices, magic powers, automatons and more).
  • World Book 20: Canada (192 pages, notable places, 20+ monsters, cyborg headhunters, Tundra Rangers, and more).
  • World Book 30: D-Bees of North America (224 pages, nearly 100 non-humans usable as player characters, NPCs or villains).



Rifts® “World Books” BONUS Collection (threshold currently $27.20 – retail value $61.50). Total retail value: $120

When you pay more than this offer's threshold (average) price ($27.20 when we post this, but the longer you wait, the higher it will go), you will level up and also get this offer's entire Bonus Collection with six more supplements and sourcebooks worth an additional $61.50.

  • World Book 11: Coalition War Campaign (224 pages of info about the Coalition States and their weapons, gear, power armor, robots, and vehicles).
  • World Book 15: Spirit West (208 pages, Shaman powers, spells, spirits, monsters and more).
  • World Book 22: Free Quebec (192 pages, your Rifts® Canada companion, Glitter Boys, weapons, gear, notable places and more).
  • Sourcebook 4: Coalition Navy (112 pages; the name says it all, plus monsters and pirates).
  • Vampires Sourcebook (176 pages, more about vampires, werebeasts, Soulcraft magic, vampire hunting, monsters, and much more).
  • Adventure Sourcebook 3: The Black Vault (48 pages, the Coalition’s hidden vault of magic artifacts and 101 magic items).


Note: And 10% of every purchase goes to the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children to protect and help children.

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As is our yearly tradition we talk with Kev at GenCon to see whats upcoming in the gaming world, and I ruthlessly shill my own ideas onto him. Such barbarism.

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I may have forgotten eight years of training...

Touching base back in Ninjas and Superspies, as the DEA tries to close in on this mystery drug called 'Fated', and its distributor known only as 'Peoples', the team tries to remember their proper OpSec as we Bust Some Rust on Ninjas and Superspies!

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