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An Actual Play Podcast devoted to Palladium Books© RPG games.


September 29, 2021


We're trying something different for a bit. One of the Guides wishes to take the wheel and run something for some rival game we've never heard about. Join us as we experiment with this *checks notes* D&D 5E game.

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September 15, 2021

Cascade- A Taste of Evil pt 6

Five out of six heroes recommend group attacking an undead, but what good is expected of a situation when the thing just cannot be killed?

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September 1, 2021

Cascade - A Taste of Evil pt 5

Having set up an ambush, the vigilantes of Cascade see if they can put an end to a supernatural puppet to a madman.

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Our heroes set a trap, and gather information, hoping to find a way to permanently end a supernatural creature in their midst.

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Part three of the Dark City of Cascade's a Taste of Evil

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Part two of A Taste of Evil. The characters continue their investigation into State Senator Mattock Chambers and his mysterious doctor.

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The vigilante heroes of Cascade find a badly butchered corpse, and start investigation the trail backwards, looking for motives of a personal nature, as a new heroine sees corruption before her eyes, and makes the decision to stop it.

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We begin another adventure in the Dark City of Cascade with a new player!

Dr. Soresson/Quagmire - Super Sleuth
Philip Langstom/Walker - Wizard
Jade Johnson - Physical Training
The Recluse - Physical Training
Anton/Mr. Smith - Tattooed Archer (Gun Mage)

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The test of the king of Fey concludes as our heroes fight their way through an enchanted forest in order to save a gnome village.

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