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An Actual Play Podcast devoted to Palladium Books® RPG games.


Part Two of Silver City's "The Perfect Crime"

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We return to Silver City with two new companions. Given our characters live choices of late, there's no way this can get any worse. Altogether it leads to the perfect crime...

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The second half of the 40 Year Grudge, brought to you by the Megaversal Storm.

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Another Gencon game using the Megaversal Storm,  yours truly ran this one!

The Paragons Free Company investigates a ruined temple, only to find a sinister motive behind its ruin...

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The second half of Robert's Tuffluv game at Gencon, featuring the Megaversal Storm!

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Robert ran the game of Tuffluv using the Megaversal Storm rules, come listen and see how the players did!  A caution for your ears, there might be some actual player to player yelling at one part.

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Book Render - (Not Final product)

We talked with the creators of the Necronomnomnom, at the Palladium Books booth.  


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The last part of Dan's Black Cat Society game, in which our investigators try to put together all the pieces before them, and put an end to these strange masks.

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Every year the Guides to the Megaverse™ swing by the Palladium Books booth....okay, we actually hang around there and beg for loose EXP, but that's not the point. Every year we do a small interview with Kev to see what's coming down the pipeline.

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July 27, 2019

Rifts Munchkin

Today we finally play Rifts!

Okay, so actually we put TMNT Munchkin, Rick and Morty Munchkin, and Adventure Time Munchkin together and played a game of it, but thats close enough.

See you all after Gencon!

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