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An Actual Play Podcast devoted to Palladium Books® RPG games.


The vigilantes of Cascade put into motion a simple but cunning plan to learn more about the situation, and soon a daring assault will occur!


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March 21, 2020

Rifts Beastiary

The Second Rifts Beastiary is coming out, we gave our basic impressions on the first one so far.

There's a Megaversal Insider for it, if you want to contribute more to get a nice little boon.

Check it out!


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The vigilantes of Cascade are on another mission clock, this one drawing close to Devil's Night. An unknown CEO, a private military contractor, and a site of the heroes previous work, the Magnum Opus casino all come into play.

Given how the Raid on the Magnum Opus went last time, how fare the heroes this time, as they attempt to break security a second time?

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February 12, 2020

Cascade - Cry Havoc

The heroes of Cascade receive a mysterious picture, one that sets them on a new path. With Devil's Night coming close yet again, there's seeds of chaos being sown yet again. As heroes start to define themselves in the field further, a confrontation with the police as well as their hidden foe, are all destined to occur...

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Praise the perfectly ultimate great moth! 

Its action in Century Station!

Matt Burch checks in with whats been going on in Century Station since the New Warriors were desolated. The remnants of the team, Skyfire, Jade, and Sister Grimm, meet up with two new unlikely allies when things turn bad, at least until there's a bright light that needs examined.



Also, in case you somehow missed it, there's two bundles of holding for Palladium currently going on, and they're almost over.
Check them out!




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January 14, 2020

Silver City - Choices Part 2

The irrevocable change in the lives of a group of kids who just wanted to do so something with the rest of their lives...

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December 29, 2019

Silver City - Choices pt 1

A group of inexperienced young teens with powers, the Silver City Survivors have fumbled several times in their attempt to strike back against the cartel in their city, as well as keep tabs on the other students with powers like Spencer and Warren. But as they learned not so long ago, cartels mean business, and they are not ready for that world...

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We wrap up Dan's Beyond the Supernatural game with the introduction of a new Black Cat, and get in some good spirit wrasslin'!

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While the holidays bog down game activity, lets finish up the Gencon games we ran using the Megaversal Storm!

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We hop back to Gencon 2019 for the second game of Tuffluv by Robert, featuring the Megaversal Storm card decks!

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