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Okay...I read once that the most important advice,

on alien worlds, is "Don't Panic"


What an unusual world for a handful of exceptional teens to step foot onto.  Strange animals, strange creatures, and perhaps just a bit of panic.  We're not runaways, we're just trying to get home.  Despite all the confusion, one thing is clear.  Being smart isn't a super power.

Wade - plasma spewing teen with little self-control
Devon - thinks that being smart is a power. (Its not!)
Hendricks (HK) - manifests big blue hands, and son of military parents.
Paige - doesn't have powers, but she's got a big friend named Titan who does
Nate - Skater with a metal robot arm, a skilled shot
Benjamin - experienced from his time in Japan, the teen can disappear into the wind

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October 16, 2016

Cascade - Devil’s Night

thefire the-purge3

I'd say it'd be a hell of a night, but it was

actually really horrifying...


It is the worst night the city had ever seen.  Due to unseen forces from the city's most laborious anarchist, Cascade finds itself without much in the way of civil servants on the most dangerous night of the year.  Devil's Night.   Two groups of heroes venture into their own neighborhood, patrolling it as danger lurks in every corner.


Some choices are moral, some choices are dramatic, and others just lead straight to brutality and violence.

And one will have to question, that if this is what lurks just under the surface, is the city worth fighting for?

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October 9, 2016

Dead Reign - Hope


Of all the books to never open in a horror game,

we chose not to open the actual core book!


In the month of October, we play Dead Reign for a while.  In a land just after the apocalypse started, we don't know much about what we're facing, we don't know where to go, and we have no tools to do it.  For added investment, we've been given two things:  The inability to look at the book of Dead Reign, so we can't magically understand what we're fighting, and two: An EXP Bounty for everyone we manage to save in the NPC group.   Its a difficult game, full of the worst sorts of choices, where society has already collapsed and the living dead are almost impossible to kill.

A former veterinarian student doomsayer, a fast as lightning truck driver, a Cajun that's unintelligible, and a Russian anarchist cook, with an apparent grudge against the US Military...

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