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An Actual Play Podcast devoted to Palladium Books® RPG games.



Why is Earth always the center of these messes? 

Can't we just shift em all to Wormwood?


The war footing against these so called 'Lord of the Night' is starting to come together, but the fractured base of Century Station is hardly willing to come together, let alone believe the New Warriors.  Wayward friends, a bunch of misfits, and a few dangerous personal choices await!

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November 13, 2016

The New Warriors - Shadowplay


The Sentry of Century Station


The Mystic of Century Station

The New Warriors wrestle with how to deal with this invasion from another dimension.  With members of the current political administration possibly under the sway or replaced by these Lords of the Night, those in the know strategize on how to best deal with the situation.  Allies are needed, including some wayward friends....

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Is 'Boo' too cliche here?  Yes? 

Well, I guess you'll never get to tell anyone...

The Silver City Survivors have their own problems on Halloween when someone else 'gene active' decides to cause a bit too much havoc at Halloween...

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November 5, 2016

Tuffluv - And So It Goes


Some roads never end, but sometimes it is a new traveler walking....




...and sometimes the very thing you never wanted, will be the thing you've always been.

The colony has met its match, the entire group of farmers and misfits have been deemed traitors to the Byzantium homeland, a casualty of the war for independence with the Warlock Council of the Shadow Coast.

An unlikely suggestion from Jesmin's childhood friend, Claire, leads to a desperate gamble.  Trial by Combat.  Sir James seeks to lay it on the line, to fight for justice, and to prove in the trial, that his precious few survivors are innocent of such charges.   Jesmin chose to clear her noble house's name of any wrongdoing.  And together, they wait in the ruined city of Tiras Le, awaiting the Empire's champions.

Outnumbered mightily, the two hope that their political maneuver will be enough to win their freedoms.  And yet sometimes heroes move on, and sometimes they fall.
This is the end of the story of Tuffluv, and it's would-be champions.                      

And so it goes.

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