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Sure it's fun to play hero, but I don't think

they're playing by our rules...


The Silver City Survivors' first foray into actual heroics has the unfortunate backlash of reality setting in.  Monsters, gunfire, and explosions follow in their wake.  Half of them aren't even sure why they're doing this, owing their loyalty to the others.  Hopefully their handler, Mr. Hansen is up to the task of ensuring that all of them make it home safely!

Hendricks - quiet military child, Construct Force Construct
Nate - skateboarder trickshot artist,  Alter Limb, Enlarge Objects, Targetting
Paige - fun loving, ADHD prone comics fan  - Gestalt hero
Ben - serious about heroism, suspicious of his father - APS: Air, Spiral
Wade - Worried about his powers, curious about Paige -  Super Energy Expulsion  Not present


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December 11, 2016

Cascade - The Pool Party


Let me...bat you a question!  Wait, that line sucks...

And so the question was asked "How did those weapons get on the street to begin with?"   The legacy of Devil's Night still haunts the dark city, and the heroes within decide to meet out their own justice on the people responsible.

Unfortunately, a few botched attempts at information gathering forces 56 to return to a place he did not want to go..., 'The Court of Crime'.

((edit: this AP was uploaded backwards for some reason, it has been fixed and the proper people have had EXP docked for their insolence))


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silver city

Perhaps following the lead of the girl off

of her meds wasn't that good an idea...


Silver City's had its moments.  First there was that horrible terrorist attack that killed so many students, poisoning a science expo.  But there were a few that survived the massacre.  And those kids coped with the loss as best they could, by bonding together.

Barely even freshmen, they were consolidated from all around Silver City, into one small class of twenty odd kids.  Hushed whispers follow them in the halls.  Why didn't THEY die too?  The Survivors, they're called.  And they have secrets indeed.  Some of them have super powers...and what they do with them...well, they're still figuring that out.

Today the Silver City Survivors consider actually trying to fight crime, but what crime to fight, and how to go about it.  Aimless and without much help from their keeper Hansen, the Kids attempt to do some good in the world...


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