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An Actual Play Podcast devoted to Palladium Books® RPG games.


The second half of Wise Decisions, ran by Matt Burch.

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With an unidentified, but potentially dangerous chemical in their hands, the vigilantes of Cascade have drawn some unfortunate attention. What happens when the street-level heroes attract the gaze of the city's most powerful crime organizers, the Arbiters?

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April 16, 2019

Cascade - Hunted


Why do I always get drug into everything at the wrong time?


Matt Burch takes the helm of Cascade to deal with the aftermath of Manik. There's a Marsh in flames, a crashed semi, and a very confused Kelly Sharpe. What's not to like?

OH right, we still got that plot device that needs settled.

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The vigilantes of Cascade face off with the force of nature known as Manik, whose footprints in the city have long been felt. But what hope do our heroes have when their foe is truly superhuman, and has a hair trigger?

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Part two of the vigilantes clash with a figure from the past, and the force of nature known as Manik...(originally played before Five against One)


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The heroes of Cascade come across a figure from the past. Someone whom they've only heard about, but represents all the worst the city has to offer.

What does this stranger want, and more importantly, will the heroes help or hinder this quest?

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The vigilante heroes of Cascade continue their investigation into an oddly crushed vehicle, as they try to get in front of a trail of carnage...and someone with a very deep grudge....

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Cascade.jpgTo be fair, not many super powers are limited by Wi-Fi...


We return to Cascade this week with a new(er) cast of characters!

The dark city is full of stories, but what story comes from a car crushed beyond recognition?

Find out today!

Elise - Hunter/Vigilante lvl 1

Walker - Wizard lvl 2

Charlotte - Experiment lvl 2

Mr. Smith - Tattooed Archer lvl 1

Quagmire - Super Sleuth lvl 2

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Artwork Comissioned via AciidWire

For my next trick...mass rioting!


I reworked my Devil's Night adventure for the Open House and had a chance to record it.  I think it worked out pretty well.

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The Impossible Choice: Your Duty or Your Self


56 has coaxed his compatriots to join him in Japan, dragging Kevin Sorenson along to a showdown with the Yakuza. With Pi Chan's healing practice available to aid the ailing Boss Kiyota, the heroes of Cascade are out of their element as they try to hatch a plan that gives them access to the comatose Yakuza boss, in hopes that he can end the breakdown of his clan.

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