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An Actual Play Podcast devoted to Palladium Books® RPG games.


Another Gencon game using the Megaversal Storm,  yours truly ran this one!

The Paragons Free Company investigates a ruined temple, only to find a sinister motive behind its ruin...

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Robert ran the game of Tuffluv using the Megaversal Storm rules, come listen and see how the players did!  A caution for your ears, there might be some actual player to player yelling at one part.

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The second half of our build up to the Palladium Fantasy world war.

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We're back after our short break, and the game is Fantasy, as the world war of Palladium starts to show its true intentions.  Our not-too-combat-focused crew, along with an envoy from a new Kingdom (and a character who has been around for 15 years OOCly), and two characters from the New Warriors (who have been around for about 12) discuss and set up a plan to remove Baron Archimedes Pennington from power.

Well, actually the New Warriors come up with the plan and then promptly toddle off for a bit, but /still/

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October 11, 2018

Fantasy - The Young Griffins

While we're down for a bit, I thought I'd post a short, refresher synopsis of the Young Griffins game set in a newly established kingdom.

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September 9, 2018

Fantasy - Castles in the Fog

                                              Image result for foggy tower

At least its better than that door we had to deal with once

The Eastern Territory party investigates Baron Archemides Pennington's home while he's away, seeking proof of his involvement. What we found, however, was something that we couldn't have anticipated

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August 25, 2018

GenCon 2018 - Tuffluv

Robert ran the town of Tuffluv's adventure at Gencon 2018 for four players. While there are other people in the room with their own games, it seemed to be quiet enough for a good recording.

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Glen Evans, writer of the Byzantium book, takes us through a game set on Lopan, full of intrigue and poo jokes.  We apologize for part of the setup being missing on this game, the recorder was having issues.  That said, it was a blast.

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At the Open House 2018, Robert had a chance to run a pick-up game of Tuffluv, the little colony that couldn't, for myself, Adam, and two guest players, one of which is the Palladium forum's own, Jack Burton, and his wife!

The game had to end early due to Kevin's closing address, but it was fun to hear some new people play!

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November 12, 2017

Fantasy - The Investigation


Do all Knight Errants have to deal with

mouthy Kankoran, and mouthy Gnomes?


We turn our gaze back to Fantasy as war brews on the horizon, something that might have repercussions felt throughout all series of characters in all games!  The fallen god Chantico continues his war against the gods with some stalwart allies.  Together they've created strange new weapons and armor that can harness the power of magic, airships to control the skies, and circles to punish those who have faith.

Our surveying group of characters, under the charge of King Andross Pennington and his wife (and player character) Queen Ralli Weaver Pennington, finally report back with the news of the change at the dreaded Place of Magic.  Their new task is laid before them, find the airships that had left the harbor.  To do that though, they have to travel to another setting and another game, to a new land called...Eorzea

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